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How Industry Associations manage Digitization & Skilling will decide their future relevance.

Skilling is the biggest challenge of our times. While Industry Associations are committed to Skill development which improves employability, productivity & helps sustainable enterprise development, most lack time and resources.

Digitization has changed the world around us, however most Associations have not digitally transformed.

How Associations manage Digitization & Skilling will play a key role in their future being, member engagement and relevance.

What can Industry Associations do to Digitally transform and be future ready?

  1. Digitize all Communication, Publications, Training and Assessments

  2. Digitize Certifications, offer verifiable digital certificates / badges

  3. Conduct online training, webinars, e-Events & awareness campaigns

  4. Digitize data collection and surveys. Expand reach, save time & effort

  5. Launch an e-learning portal for public / customers awareness

How can Industry Associations play a proactive role in Skilling?

The starting point of any effective and sustainable Reskilling or Upskilling initiative is to Discover Skills - Abilities - Knowledge gaps and Inspire their development.

How can industry associations Discover Skills - Abilities - Knowledge gaps and Inspire their development?

  1. Define Skills – Abilities – Knowledge standards for all occupations in their Sector.

  2. Leverage emerging technologies and deep domain expertise to launch cloud based, online tools which can facilitate Skills - Abilities - Knowledge Assessments of employees of members in the sector.

  3. Offer Free Career & Personality Reports with Personal Skilling Dashboard to employees of members

  4. Inspire Skilling by offering Free Online skilling courses

  5. Offer affordable or Free Career & Life Counselling to member’s employees

  6. Launch an Online Career Portal for the sector to offer the above services, tools and courses. Facilitating Anywhere - Anytime access for members and their employees.

How can Industry Associations launch World-class, effective and sustainable Skilling programs in their sector.

  1. Launch a professionally managed, world-class Skilling / e-learning Portal for their sector

  2. Convert sector expertise to e-learning courses, by offering members and industry experts free to use or highly subsidized Learning Management System (LMS) and Do-It-Yourself course authoring tools

  3. Instead of just syndicating e-learning content from MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) offer Globally Certified Micro Credentials* in self-paced or Instructor based formats

  4. Offer Internationally recognized Vocational Training & Education Certificates, Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas in Online formats at highly subsidized costs. Including international Certificates & Diplomas on Entrepreneurship.

  5. Beyond domain specific knowledge, which is loosely referred to as "Skill Development" focus on building core skills and abilities.

  6. There are 35 Core Skills and 52 Core Abilities. Each occupation requires these in varying order and level of competence.

  7. Beyond focusing on skill building for employees of members help build life skills, offer wellness, retirement & hobby courses for members' families. Ensuring everybody can work better and live better.

* Micro-credentials are mini-qualifications that demonstrate skills and knowledge in a given subject. Also known as nanodegrees.

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